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O le Siosiomaga Society Inc.


O le Siosiomaga Society is Samoa’s first environmental non-government organization being established in 1990. Since its revival in 2001, OLSSI has become one of the leading conservation NGO's in Samoa and has represented the Pacific in a number of global conferences.

OLSSI aims to monitor the state of the environment in Samoa, with particular emphasis on human induced impacts on land, fresh water, mangroves, lagoons, reef, ocean and air as well as promoting only those policies and practices which have positive impacts.

The organisation also tries to disseminate information and create public awareness amongst its members and communities regarding environmental matters.

In addition, OLSSI srtives to demonstrate sound ideas and practices for the purpose of promoting conservation and sustainable development through carefully selected field project demonstrations to draw on traditional knowledge and practices wherever they are considered beneficial.


It is our vision to have OLSSI be one of the most dependable, value added and efficient Non Governement Organizations.

We aim to be responsive to the broader contemporary issues in all the four pillars of sustainable development (Social, Economic, Environmental,Cultural), as well as further the sustainable management and use of natural resources delivered to benefit peoples and communities of Samoa, the Pacific region, and the world utilizing broad advocacy and awareness raising approaches whilst respecting the principles of good governance.

People Behind OLSSI

OLSSI is comprised of a 7 member Board of Directors, the Executive Director and staff members. Click here for photos.